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When Drinking In Public Becomes a Crime

Posted by Matthew Sharp under DWI/DUI date

Texas is a big state with a whole lot to do, see and learn. Here’s a fun fact you might not have known about: in Texas, it’s not illegal to drink in public. Does that mean you can freely drink as much as you want wherever you go in Texas? No, there are specifics to more >

What Happens When Someone Drops Charges Against You?

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There are any number of reasons that could lead to being arrested, and almost as many reasons for having your original charge dropped or dismissed. In this post we’ll take a look at why charges may be dropped and then review your options for clearing your arrest from your record. IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING AGAINST more >

How Do Plea Deals and Plea Bargains Work? Are They Good or Bad?

Posted by Matthew Sharp under Criminal Law, Defendants' Rights date

The vast majority of criminal cases in the United States are resolved through plea negotiations, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. In fact, well over 90 percent of all criminal cases prosecuted on both the federal and state level end in plea agreements. The ratio of plea agreements to trials is above 90 percent more >

Expungement: Removing Crimes from Public Records

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Criminal charges and convictions tend to follow individuals long after the case and sentencing period end. A criminal record can affect job prospects, a professional reputation, and personal relationships. Certain charged and convicted criminals can petition for the expunction of felony and misdemeanor arrests. HAVE YOU BEEN ARRESTED FOR COMMITTING A CRIME IN TEXAS? GET more >

After a DWI Charge: What You Should Know About ALR Hearings

Posted by Matthew Sharp under DWI/DUI date

Texas’s ALR (Administrative License Revocation) Program takes place independently of criminal charges and proceedings. In the state of Texas, anyone who refuses to take or fails a breath or blood alcohol test automatically receives notice of a pending driver’s license suspension. An ALR hearing gives the accused the ability to challenge the suspension. HAVE YOU more >

What Is a Property Crime?

Posted by Matthew Sharp under Property Crimes date

A property crime mainly consists of burglaries and criminal trespasses. However, there are other forms of offenses that are classified under property crimes in Texas. Burglary and criminal trespasses are serious forms of property crimes in Texas. They can result in serious implications such as long-term imprisonment, huge fines and criminal bookings. The legal system more >

How Texas Drug Laws Compare

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Comparison of Drug Laws in Texas Texas has a reputation for being tough on drugs. While there is some truth to this belief, drug laws in Texas are not necessarily all the same. The laws and the associated penalties for drug violations can be very different based on the type and amount of drugs involved more >

Texas Laws Regarding Improper Student-Educator Relationships

Posted by Matthew Sharp under Child Abuse, Sex Crimes date

Improper Student-Educator Relationships: The Laws in Texas In Texas, the relationships between students and their teachers are supposed to remain professional and educational. If a grade school student and a teacher enter into a physical or sexual relationship, criminal charges may apply. While these laws typically apply to situations involving relationships between adults and minors, more >

Manslaughter: Texas Laws, Definitions, and Penalties

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Manslaughter Laws in Texas In Texas, taking a human life is a serious event that can have severe consequences. Even when this kind of incident occurs accidentally, criminal charges can still be filed. When a person is killed as the result of negligence or recklessness, manslaughter charges can be filed. The result can be imprisonment more >

Types of Vehicular Crimes in Texas

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Breaking The Law In A Vehicle In Texas In the state of Texas, driving a vehicle on public roads is a privilege, not a right. When motorists drive on roadways and highways in the state, they are expected to abide by all applicable laws and exercise a duty of care. This means that drivers are more >